International Journal of Performance Measurement






Volume 10, Number 1, June 2020

Lying Behavior In Performance Appraisal: A Study Of Behavioral Experiment

Phu Nguyen Hoang 1* , Ngan Dinh Viet Tuyet 1 


Deceptive performances of people in working environment is a topical issue because it impacts on the efficiency of employees as well as outcomes of company. This research applies experimental methodology to identify four kinds of lies (Selfish Black Lies, Spite Black Lies, Pareto White Lies, and Altruistic White Lies) and to examine the dishonest attitude of supervisors in behavioral economic field. The results found that people are not always rational to maximize their benefits even when they have a chance to give an unverifiable dishonest report. Spite Black Lies is nonexistent while Pareto White Lies is the most popular. The religious belief has a significant impact on their decisions. The results of the experiment are not only can be used to seize the behavior of employers in reality but also contribute to the valuable source of research information.


Keywords: Performance Measurement, Lying Experiment, Dishonest, Behavioral Economics


1 School of Business, International University - Vietnam National University

* Corresponding Author, E-mail: