International Journal of Performance Measurement







Volume 7, Number 1, June 2017

The Happy Few: Assessing the Eco-Smart users’ Intention to Use E-book

Kuang-Heng Shih¹, Trong ThanhNguyen²*


The present study aims to explore the antecedents of eco-smart users’ satisfaction, which will influence their continuance intention to use e-books. This study has used data collected from 287 Eco-Smart users who are environmentally friendly and have experience using e-books in Vietnam.The results revealed that service quality and perceived usefulness have significant positive impacts on customer satisfaction; subsequently, readers’ satisfaction also has significant positive impacts on their continuance intention to use e-book. However, perceived ease of use and perceived risk do not significantly affect satisfaction. The results of this study are expected to provide empirical evidence and helpful references for eco-smart products and in-app developers to catch up with customer needs, improve service quality as well as build appropriate business strategies in the future.


Keywords: E book, Technology Acceptance Model, Eco Smart UsersIntention, Service Quality, Satisfaction


¹ Department of International Business Administration, Chinese Culture University

² Department of Information Management, Chinese Culture University

* Corresponding Author,