International Journal of Performance Measurement







Volume 8, Number 1, June 2018

A New Look at CSR – A Graphical Approach

John Richard Horne *


The purpose of this article was to perform a focused test on the question; Does corporate social responsibility result in superior company financial performance than peer companies? The scope of this was limited to studying two companies with noteworthy work in the field of CSR and compared that with S&Ps Information Technology sector (S&P IT 500). Several statistical tools in MINITAB statistical software were used to generate graphical representations of the data. The result was that there was no statistically significant difference in corporate financial performance of the two target companies and the S&P IT 500 as a whole.


Keywords: Performance Measurement, Performance Management, Corporate Social Responsibility

JEL Classification: M14, D21


* NOVA Southeastern University 6371 Lake Plantation Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32244