International Journal of Performance Measurement








Volume 8, Number 1, June 2018

Efficacy of Goal Setting and Feedback; A Case Study on Building Measurement

Chandana Jayalath*


Goals serve as significant regulators of various processes because they act as standards against which perceptions and performances can be compared. The goal construct is therefore a central component in managing projects, tasks and assignments. This research paper offers findings of a case study undertaken to probe the feasibility of goal setting with particular reference to building measurement. Even though feedback and goal setting have been shown to be effective in changing performance, some specific types of feedback appear to enhance the improvements more than others. The decision support system was the superior method of implementation. The primary reason for this is the structure that the information system offers. Most importantly, this study revealed that a computer aided information system, facilitating goal setting and feedback, can provide the critical role as catalyst in improving efficiency of team efforts.


Keywords: Efficiency, Teamwork, Goal setting, Feedback, Performance Measurement

JEL Classification: O21, O22


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