International Journal of Performance Measurement







Volume 8, Number 2, December 2018

Importance Analysis of Measures for High-Level Talent Work in China Fujian Free Trade Area

Jih Kuang Chen*


In July 2015, Fujian Free Trade Area announced 14 measures for talent work which can further enhance the quality of personnel services and optimize the development environment for talent, however, among the 14 measures announced, the importance of the measures is different and there are few relevant researches on this topic. This research integrated Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process and Decision Test and evaluation laboratory method and find out the most important work measures. The result shows out the importance of 14 measures, and found the measure "Accelerating the creating of quality talent carrier" is most important measure, meanwhile we propose specific execute solutions to seven priority order measures for reference.


Keywords: FAHP, DEMATEL, FTA, Talent work

JEL Classification: F53, M38, M53


* Economics & Business Management College, Zhaoqing University