International Journal of Performance Measurement







Volume 9, Number 2, December 2019

An Empirical Study on the Effect of Attractiveness of Ecotourism Destination on Experiential Value and Revisit Intention

Chun-Hsien Lo*


When people are satisfied the material life, they have abundant economic ability and time to stress on the leisure life that the selection and frequency of recreation have been largely enhanced. A lot of touring spots attract people who live in urban jungles to visit countryside with the ecological environment and historic and cultural monuments for appreciating landscape and experiencing local culture.Aiming at visitors to Maqaw National Park, total 400 copies of questionnaire are distributed and 326 valid copies are retrieved, with the retrieval rate 82%. The research results show that 1.attractiveness of destination presents significantly positive effects on experiential value, 2.experiential value shows remarkably positive effects on revisit intention, and 3.attractiveness of destination reveals notably positive effects on revisit intention. According to the results, suggestions are proposed for the reference of recreation planners, government departments, and successive researchers.


Keywords: Interpersonal Motivators, Service Superiority, Aesthetic Feeling, Playfulness, Consumers Return on Investment.

JEL Classification: D12, E12

*Department of Food and Beverage Management, Taipei University of Maritime Technology, Taiwan, R.O.C, No.212, Sec.9, Yenping N. Rd. Shihlin, Taipei, Taiwan (11174), R.O.C, E-mail: